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2016 Wrangler NFR Stock Roster

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Selected Saddle Bronc Horses

# Brand Name Delivery Firm
C27 Fire Lane L Andrews Rodeo
012 Lock & Load R Andrews Rodeo
H09 Brutus L Andrews Rodeo
57 Trophy Wife R Andrews Rodeo
007 James Bond R Bailey Pro Rodeo
7+7 Lullibelle R Bar T Rodeo
9M8 Heart of Gold EB Bar T Rodeo
3+10 Son of Sadie RB Bar T Rodeo
AM3 Ruby River L Bar T Rodeo
9M15 Golden Years L Bar T Rodeo
3I7 Red Horse Crossing L Barnes PRCA Rodeo
570 Killer Bee R Beutler & Son Rodeo
830 Wound Up L Beutler & Son Rodeo
110 Cimmaron Jack R Beutler & Son Rodeo
893 Bright Lights L Beutler & Son Rodeo
48 Bombshell L Beutler & Son Rodeo
446 Kool Toddy L Big Bend Rodeo
817 Crash Gate RF Big Bend Rodeo
4715 Pearl L Big Rafter Rodeo
305 Magic Wars R Big Rafter Rodeo
C11 Big Muddy L Big Stone Rodeo
R4 Kid Rock RB Brookman Rodeo
82 Drinkin' Again L Brookman Rodeo
299 Lunatic Fringe L Burch Rodeo
749 Angel Slings R Burch Rodeo
873 Lunatic From Hell L Burch Rodeo
541 Black Hills RMF C5 Rodeo
800 Strokin Toni LMB C5 Rodeo
T-38 Timely Delivery L Calgary Stampede
S-66 Stampede Warrior L Calgary Stampede
T-65 Tiger Warrior L Calgary Stampede
T-77 Tokyo Bubbles R Calgary Stampede
W-16 Wild Cherry  L Calgary Stampede
W-46 Waning Moon R Calgary Stampede
R57 Vitalix Alpha Dog LF Cervi Championship Rodeo
T89 Bridal Shower R Dakota Rodeo
440 Chirrikawa R Dakota Rodeo
788 Spring Planting LB Flying 5 Rodeo
143 Sundance LM Flying 5 Rodeo
745 Blue Feather R Flying 5 Rodeo
12 Letter Rip L Frontier Rodeo
18 Griz L Frontier Rodeo
82 Short Stop L Frontier Rodeo
83 Maple Leaf L Frontier Rodeo
102 Miss Ellie R Frontier Rodeo
302 Medicine Woman R Frontier Rodeo
471 Delta Force L Frontier Rodeo
605 Times Up L Frontier Rodeo
906+ Tip Off R Frontier Rodeo
CW Wild Bill R Frontier Rodeo
902 Capone L Growney Brothers Rodeo
T125 Southern Star RB Growney Brothers Rodeo
754 Happy Valley E Harry Vold Rodeo
39 Garden City Gal L Hi Lo ProRodeo
175 Special Time RBM J Bar J
455 Sweatin' Bullets LF J Bar J
755 Bullet Proof RF J Bar J
7957 Julia LFM J Bar J
123 Dakota Babe R JK Rodeo
534 Break Away LMF Kesler Championship Rodeo
357 Journal Keeper RF Kesler Championship Rodeo
594 Navajo Sun L Kesler Championship Rodeo
122 Instant Noodle L Korkow Rodeos
522 Arabella R Korkow Rodeos
934 Duck Butter L Korkow Rodeos
721 Total Equines Angel Fire L Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo
459 Sue City Sue R Mo Betta Rodeo
242 Get Smart R Northcott Macza
508 Lunatic Party LF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
F26 Cool Runnings L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
-811 Manhattan Moon L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
74 Mike & Ike R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
574 Sweet Maria R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
015 Big Tex R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
509 Gold Coast L Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
645 Faded Memories LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
981 Rich N Fancy R Powder River Rodeo
C480 Double take R Powder River Rodeo
D738 Miss Chestnut R Powder River Rodeo
E62 Lipstick N Whiskey L Powder River Rodeo
005 Low Bucks R Rafter G Rodeo
517 Exposure L Rafter G Rodeo
13 Spade R Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
8H2 Sabre R Rocky Mountain Rodeo
573 Smoke Ring LF Salt River Rodeo
721 Tuca's Warsong L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson Bulls
532 Midnight Cowboy L Smith Harper Morgan
E12 Going South R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
204- Resistols Top Hat R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
D19 Pretty Boy L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
20 Hickok R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
721 Pony Man L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
-613 Big Fork LFM Summit Pro Rodeo
M3 Miss Independent L Summit Pro Rodeo
918 Prom Nite R Sutton Rodeos
9 Bartender R Sutton Rodeos
T54 Greeley Hat Works 2 Cookies R The Cervi Brothers Rodeo
P16 Vitalix Hell's Fire Hostage LMF The Cervi Brothers Rodeo
J16 Buck Owens r Three Hills Rodeo
J10 Final Feather RF Three Hills Rodeo
L17 Congratulations LB Three Hills Rodeo
L15 Mr. Haney LB Three Hills Rodeo
V70 Ropin Dreams L United Pro Rodeo
030 Pow Wow Nights R United Pro Rodeo
03 Awesome R Wayne Vold Rodeo

Selected Bareback Horses

# Brand Name Delivery Firm
C12 PTSD Power Play R Andrews Rodeo
46 Cool Water R Andrews Rodeo
9ME Ruby's Girl RB Bar T Rodeo
4W5 Pocahontas L Bar T Rodeo
013+ Robins Best R Bar T Rodeo
40 Black Kat L Beutler & Son Rodeo
263's Wonderland R Beutler & Son Rodeo
90 South Suds L Beutler & Son Rodeo
604 What Happens L Beutler & Son Rodeo
43 Wild Desire L Beutler & Son Rodeo
W14 Bubbles L Big Stone Rodeo
X07 Call Me Kindra L Big Stone Rodeo
X81 Spilled Perfume R Big Stone Rodeo
3017 Jim Dandy L Burch Rodeo
973 Indian Suummer R Burch Rodeo
F13 Virgil LMF C5 Rodeo
F11 Black Moon LMB C5 Rodeo
601 Black Feathers RMF C5 Rodeo
S-77 Soap Bubbles R Calgary Stampede
S-83 Special Delivery R Calgary Stampede
T-19 Tootsie Roll L Calgary Stampede
T-29 Trail Dust L Calgary Stampede
X-9 Xplosive Skies L Calgary Stampede
S-65 Shadow Warrior L Calgary Stampede
R-82 Reckless Margie L Calgary Stampede
S48 Vitalix William Wallace RF Cervi Championship Rodeo
R22 RODEOHOUSTON Control Freak RMF Cervi Championship Rodeo
X185 Tripwire R Corey & Lange Rodeo
102 Big Easy R Corey & Lange Rodeo
608 Lil Red Hawk LF Flying U Rodeo
026 Come Down R Flying U Rodeo
7R Short Fuse R Four Star Rodeo
09 Rusty Slim R Four Star Rodeo
013 Lizzard medicine E Frontier Rodeo
071 Delta Ship L Frontier Rodeo
19 Big League L Frontier Rodeo
105 Senora L Frontier Rodeo
215- Full Baggage L Frontier Rodeo
601 Showstomper L Frontier Rodeo
953 Short Night R Frontier Rodeo
00 Night Watch L Frontier Rodeo
960 Beaver Fever R Growney Brothers Rodeo
013 Sourdough LB Growney Brothers Rodeo
M438 Wild N Blue L Growney Brothers Rodeo
MX69 Sacred Nation R Growney Brothers Rodeo
830 Sun Glow R Harry Vold Rodeo
723 Black Tie Affair L Hi Lo ProRodeo
-001 Wilson Sanchez R Hi Lo ProRodeo
J15 Straight Jacket LBM J Bar J
J02+ Blessed Assurance LFM J Bar J
174 Dirty Rags LFM J Bar J
353 Bar Bandit LFM J Bar J
5912 Pass The Hat LFM J Bar J
F02 Hell On Hooves LF J Bar J
F43 All Pink RB J Bar J
263 Starburst R Kelser Rodeo
717 Must Have R Kelser Rodeo
731 Garden Party LF Kelser Rodeo
063 Cool Boots L Kelser Rodeo
022 Onion Ring R Korkow Rodeos
025 Feather Fluffer R Korkow Rodeos
529 Flashcard Champion L Korkow Rodeos
505 Inky R Korkow Rodeos
84 Jasons Pride L Mo Betta Rodeo
44 Right Spur LM New West Rodeo Productions
M22 OLS TUBS Ross River RF Outlawbuckers Rodeo
S91 American Thumper RB Outlawbuckers Rodeo
844 George Bad Cat L Painted Pony Championship Rodeo
213 Good Time Charlie L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
474 MGM Dirty Jacket R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
99 Painted River L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
T-72 Cool Change L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
22 Ladies Man R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
104- Scarlett's Web R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
295 Fancy Free R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
875 Betty Boop L Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
P1 Hometown Girl R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
404- Top Flight LB Pickett Pro Rodeo
9504- Scarlet Belle LBM Pickett Pro Rodeo
807 Shady Nights LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
571 Delta Glamorous RMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
6504- Scarlet Fever LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
953 Bar Code LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
895 Real Emotion RBM Pickett Pro Rodeo
904 Top Notch LMF Pickett Pro Rodeo
004- Scarlet Night LB Pickett Pro Rodeo
633 Craig At Midnight L Powder River Rodeo
105 Assault R Rafter G Rodeo
651 Ankle Biter L Rafter G Rodeo
03 Doole Mission LF Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
667 Gold Coast Jackie RM Rosser Rodeo
060 Sozo L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson Bulls
987 Cactus Black L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
D4 Revolving door LFM Summit Pro Rodeo
47 Reservation Gold RB Summit Pro Rodeo
841 Mo Jo R Sutton Rodeos
P49 Greeley Hat Works Gander Goose R The Cervi Brothers
L9 Bonafied LB Three Hills Rodeo
J19 Jr. Bonner L Three Hills Rodeo
J28 Angel Eyes R Three Hills Rodeo
K7 Big Show R Three Hills Rodeo
F6 Bay City Kitty R Three Hills Rodeo
P37 Hapy trails L United Pro Rodeo
838 Mucho Dinero RB Wayne Vold Rodeo
73 True Grit RB Wayne Vold Rodeo

Selected Bulls

# Brand Name Delivery Firm
2148 Girl Money L 4L & Diamond S Rodeo
267 Diamond in the Rough L 4L & Diamond S Rodeo
2244 Juicy Box L 4L & Diamond S Rodeo
270 House of Pain L 4L & Diamond S Rodeo
0112 Little Turbo R 4L & Diamond S Rodeo
114 Midnight Bender R Andrews Rodeo
T78 My Brother L Andrews Rodeo
144 Hard Knox R Andrews Rodeo
J133 Monkey Punch L Andrews Rodeo
C116 Speckled Buck L Andrews Rodeo
205 High Maintenance L Bailey Pro Rodeo
054 Broken Arrow LB Bar T Rodeo
977 Nod Big's 90 Proof L Beutler & Son Rodeo
968 Hydrastar Trailer Brake's Spin Bo L Beutler & Son Rodeo
168 Hydrastar Trailer Brake's The Gift R Beutler & Son Rodeo
112 Little Bill L Beutler & Son Rodeo
1093 Ambush L Big Rafter Rodeo
077 Salty Dog R Big Rafter Rodeo
023 Junk Yard Dog R Big Rafter Rodeo
83 Cowboy Up R Big Stone Rodeo
35 Spotted Demon R Big Stone Rodeo
+3 Little Chubby R Brookman Rodeo
764 Chicken Dance L Brookman Rodeo
503 White As L Burch Rodeo
-201 Night Moves R Calgary Stampede
003 Wranglers Extreme R Calgary Stampede
458 Greeley Hat Works Slim Kitty R Cervi Championship Rodeo
164 RODEOHOUSTON Big Time L Cervi Championship Rodeo
1137 Cowbanger RM Championship Pro Rodeo
21X1 The Duke L Championship Pro Rodeo
Z018 Rewind R Corey & Lange Rodeo
102 Anchor Man L Corey & Lange Rodeo
203 Tequila R Corey & Lange Rodeo
214 Knock It Off L Corey & Lange Rodeo
212 Cowahbunga L Corey & Lange Rodeo
58X SweetPro's Long John L D&H Cattle
32Y SweetPro's Bruiser L D&H Cattle
Z7 Sketchy Bob R D&H Cattle
12 Crossfire R Dakota Rodeo
E5 Big Cat L Dakota Rodeo
058 American Sniper L Dakota Rodeo
111 Revolve Oilfield L Flying 5 Rodeo
112 Yellow Fever R Four Star Rodeo
152 Psycho Path R Frontier Rodeo
807 After All L Frontier Rodeo
F14 Show Off L Frontier Rodeo
Y238 Aftershock L Frontier Rodeo
145 Freak of Nature L Growney Brothers Rodeo
159 Redneck Romeo L Growney Brothers Rodeo
849 Crystal Deal R Growney Brothers Rodeo
-7 Honkey Cat L Hi Lo ProRodeo
243 Breaking Bad L Hurst Pro Rodeo
19 Little Big Man L J Bar J
194 Flight Plan L Kesler Championship Rodeo
152 Total Bulls Battle Born L Lancaster & Jones Pro Rodeo
242 Oh "NO" R Mo Betta Rodeo
W28 Long Haired Outlaw LB New West Rodeo Productions
+01 No Good Deed L Outlawbuckers Rodeo
116 Chip Shot R Outlawbuckers Rodeo
J159 Leroy Brown R Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
63 Half Nuts L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
J211 Curley Bill L Pete Carr Pro Rodeo
940 Chaulk Outline R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
021 Uncle Jerry L Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
2801 Speckled Chicken R Pete Carr's Classic Pro Rodeo
10 Ten Club LB Pickett Pro Rodeo
0X1 Relentless R Pickett Pro Rodeo
44W Stone Sober L Powder River Rodeo
226Z Wired Crazy R Powder River Rodeo
37Z Udder Lover R Powder River Rodeo
98A Hurricane Hustler L Powder River Rodeo
397A Frequent Flyer L Powder River Rodeo
11 J Lazy  L Rafter G Rodeo
935 Johnny West R Rafter G Rodeo
944 Bell Pepper L Rafter G Rodeo
207 Nose Bender L Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
113 Breaking Bad R Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
055 Cowboy Cool L Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
41 Feel the Noise R Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
123 Devils Cut R Rafter H Rodeo Livestock
127 Bomb Pop L Rocky Mountain Rodeo
191 Big Jake L Salt River Rodeo
115 Silence Reigns R Salt River Rodeo
1237 Walk Off L Sankey Pro Rodeo & Robinson Bulls
011 Told You So L Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
231 Smash Mouth L Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
029 Magic Bullet R Smith Harper Morgan
0104 Hammerhead R Smith Harper Morgan
107 Jailhouse Socks R Smith Harper Morgan
150 Kill Switch L Smith Harper Morgan
24 Tar Baby L Smith Harper Morgan
J23 Border Patrol L Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
121 Pistol R Stace Smith Pro Rodeos
952 Cross the Wyoming Line L Summit Pro Rodeo
105 Red Image L Summit Pro Rodeo
1932 Pendleton Reserve L Sutton Rodeos
64 Have You Heard L United Pro Rodeo
077 Texas Chrome L United Pro Rodeo
223 Cyclone L Universal Pro Rodeos
-127 Coopers Comet R Wayne Vold Rodeo
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