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           Bull rider Boudreaux Campbell celebrated his rookie season by     of the yellow bucking chutes every night was awesome.
           qualifying for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo presented by       The WNFR experience was a little bit more than I
           Polaris RANGER, surviving the cut on the final weekend of the     envisioned. I knew I was going to be in a big crowd and pressure
           regular season in September. Campbell, 19, of Crockett, Texas,    was going to be on me, but when I rode into the arena the first
           made $56,538 at the WNFR to place him 10th in the final 2017      round in the grand entry it took my breath away a little bit.
           WEATHER GUARD  PRCA World Standings after earning                    It was everything I dreamed about. It was so cool, so many
           $144,601. (Bull riding was the only event to include ground       people.
           money in its world standings, though it did not count toward
                                                                                It was a little intimidating at first. I just think I needed to
 1/4 page color ad                                                  prove to myself that I did belong with the Top 15 bull riders in the world and
           total WNFR earnings against other competitors.) Campbell placed sixth in
           Round 1 of the WNFR and split the win in Round 9, earning $42,308 for   show them I can ride bulls really well.
 $457 (12mth b/w rate)                                                  I was on top of the world after placing sixth in Round 1. I was thinking,
           that ride because he and Trey Benton III were the only riders to make the
           whistle.                                                 if I can ride the first one, I can ride them all. But then I was getting skunked
                                                                    (over the next seven rounds). I was like, man, are these 10 days ever going to
           I                                     PSN- Pro Rodeo Sports News
                                                                    be over? But I was still having fun. I just needed to refocus and ride bulls like I
              t felt like the months leading up to December took forever, because I was
              really excited to get out there and really wanted to be out there riding.
                                                                    know how, and luckily, I did that in the ninth round.
              During those two months I went to school, went to the gym, got on some
                                                                        I can’t explain how I felt after splitting that win with Benton. All the
                                                                        October 2017
              practice bulls to try to get my body and myself prepared for Vegas.
              I’m in my first year at Panola College in Carthage, Texas. I had to take   attention was on me. It was pretty cool, in that moment, just to realize I
                                                                    reached one of my lifelong goals.
           some tests for finals while I was in Vegas, but luckily, I took them online. Some   I didn’t buy anything big with my winnings, but you spend money
           of them turned out good, some not too good.              quickly in Vegas. By the time you Uber everywhere, take taxis, limos, that stuff
              It wasn’t my first trip to Vegas. My dad, Jay, goes there every year as a   adds up – especially to eat.
           vendor to sell buckles and jewelry.                          One of the best meals I had was the buffet at the Wynn. They had
              I went with him in 2015, but said I wasn’t going back unless it was as a   everything you could think of, and desserts. I love sweet stuff. It’s a bad habit,
           competitor. Two years later, I did that.                 but I do like some sweet food.
              Being in Vegas, there was a lot I couldn’t do because I’m not 21. But being   Some other bull riders and I capped off the week by taking a limo to the
           at the NFR at this age is awesome. I had a blast, had an awesome time just   Thomas & Mack Center for Round 10. Pretty cool, for the last round, to ride
           being there with all the other bull riders and everybody else. Getting to ride out   up to the rodeo in a limo.

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