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Jag, Huey, Bode, Count, Mike, all 2,000-pound Percheron   rancher, entrepreneur. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS:
           draft horses. ACHIEVEMENTS: nominated for PRCA   hunting, roping, event production.  WEBSITE:
           Dress Act of the Year Award, 2008-11, 2013; National
           Western Stock Show & Rodeo (Denver) specialty
           act, 2004-09, 2013, 2015; San Antonio Stock Show   Kevin Higley
           & Rodeo specialty act, 2007-10, 2015; Reno (Nev.)   PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1984, Gold Card. ACTS AND
           Rodeo, 2006-10, 2013, 2015; Ogden (Utah) Pioneer   STUNTS: Hollywood Tex and John, Billy the Kid.
           Days, 2015; Sisters (Ore.) Rodeo, 2013; Wrangler   ACHIEVEMENTS: RAM Wilderness Circuit Finals
           ProRodeo Tour Championship (Dallas) specialty act,   Rodeo bullfighter, 1985-90, barrelman 1991, 1993-
           2006-08; Justin Boots Championships (Omaha, Neb.)   94, 1997, 2006, 2009; RAM National Circuit Finals
           specialty act, 2006-08; Calgary (Alberta) Stampede,   Rodeo barrelman, 1995, 1997; RAM Columbia River
           2007, 2009; World Quarter Horse Congress, 2003-05,   Circuit Finals Rodeo barrelman, 1996; Wyoming State
           2007; World Percheron Congress, 2004, 2006, 2010;   Fair Clown Classic, 1984. RESIDENCE: Hooper, Utah.
           Rolex Three-day Hunter/Jumper Event. RESIDENCE:   BORN: Dec. 1, 1956. FAMILY: wife, Tammy; sons,
           Nunn, Colo. BORN: March 7, 1973. FAMILY: wife,   Justin, Casey, Trevor, Colton. OTHER OCCUPATION:
           Rose. OTHER OCCUPATIONS: farrier, trainer, hitch   general contractor. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS: family,
           driver. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS: hunting, fishing,   raising bucking bulls, skiing.
           snowmobiling. WEBSITE:
                                              Robbie Hodges
           Tad Griffith                       NFR: barrelman, 2010; alternate, 2011. PRCA
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1981. RESIDENCE: Agua Dulce,   MEMBERSHIP: contestant, 1991; barrelman, 2004.
           Calif. BORN: Dec. 20, 1962.        ACHIEVEMENTS: nominated for the PRCA Comedy
                                              Act of the Year, 2008, 2010-11; nominated for PRCA
           Cliff Happy                        Clown of the Year, 2006, 2008, 2010; nominated for
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1968. RESIDENCE: Santa Clarita,   Coors Man in the Can, 2011-12; RAM Great Lakes Circuit
           Calif. BORN: Aug. 26, 1952.        Finals Rodeo barrelman, specialty act, 2006; RAM
                                              Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo barrelman, 2005.
           Lecile Harris                      RESIDENCE: Cave Spring, Ga. BORN: Jan. 11, 1968.
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1982, Gold Card. ACTS AND   FAMILY: wife, Lynn; sons, Reed, Blake; daughter, Carli.
           STUNTS: piano act, baseball act, magic act, robot,   Bryan Hope
           taxi, shootout, fiddle act, whip act. ACHIEVEMENTS:
           ProRodeo Hall of Fame inductee, 2007; PRCA Clown of   PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1994. RESIDENCE:  Ninety Six,
                                              S.C. BORN: Dec. 23, 1959.
           the Year, 1992, 1994-96; seven years on TV’s Hee Haw;
           bullfighter for U.S. rodeo team touring Africa; RAM   Keith Isley
           National Circuit Finals Rodeo (Pocatello, Idaho), 1991,   NFR: opening act, 1998, 2001, 2008; barrelman, 2009.
           1997, 2010; RAM Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo, RAM   PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1994. ACTS AND STUNTS:
           Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo, five times; Dixie   horse act, dog acts, comedy trick roping, bull whips.
           National Rodeo (Jackson, Miss.), 32 times; Rodeo of   ACHIEVEMENTS: PRCA Clown of the Year, 2006-11,
           the Ozarks (Springdale, Ark.), 30 years; Canadian Finals   nominated 2012-16; Coors Man in the Can, 2006, 2009-
           Rodeo, five times; Colorado State Fair (Pueblo), 1994-  12; PRCA Comedy Act of the Year, 2001, 2004, 2009-11,
           2005; Southwest District Fat Stock Show and Rodeo   2013, nominated 2008, 2012, 2014-16; PRCA Specialty
           (Lake Charles, La.), 34 years; Semi-annual Ralph Morgan   Act of the Year, 1999-2002, 2006; RAM National Finals
           Rodeo (Lauderdale, Miss.), 43 years; Calgary (Alberta)   Circuit Rodeo specialty act and barrelman, 1999-2000,
           Stampede, 1994-2002; Collierville (Tenn.) Sports Hall   2008, 2010, barrelman, 2014; RAM Prairie Circuit Finals
           of Fame. RESIDENCE: Collierville, Tenn. BORN: Nov. 6,   Rodeo, 2013; RAM Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2008;
           1936. FAMILY: wife, Ethel; sons, Matt, Chuck; daughter,   RAM Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2007; RAM
           Christi. COLLEGE: University of Tennessee (Martin),   Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2003; RAM First
           animal husbandry. OTHER OCCUPATIONS: owner,   Frontier Circuit Finals Rodeo, 1999-2001, 2004-06,
           sign business. ADDITIONAL INTEREST: golf, rodeo   2009, 2015; RAM Southeastern Circuit Finals Rodeo,
           production. WEBSITE:  1996. RESIDENCE: Goldston, N.C. BORN: Oct. 9, 1957.
                                              FAMILY: wife, Melanie. WEBSITE:
           John Harrison Specialty Acts
           NFR: opening act, 2001-02, 2008; barrelman, 2013,   Bobby Kerr
           comedy trick riding, Miss Rodeo Universe, magic act,   STUNTS: horse riding in a car, horse walking over
           Olympics act. ANIMALS: Gus, horse. ACHIEVEMENTS:   swinging bridge, horse cutting dog, horse liberty
           PRCA Comedy Act of the  Year 2012, 2014-16,   act. ANIMALS: Poncho and Trigger, mustangs; Bert,
           nominated 2008-11, 2013; nominated for PRCA Dress   border collie/kelpie cross; Ernie, border collie/jack
           Act of the Year, 2004-05, nominated for PRCA Clown of   cross. ACHIEVEMENTS: nominated for PRCA Dress Act
           the Year, 2008-16; Coors Man in the Can, 2014, 2016;   of the Year, 2015-16; National Western Stock Show &
           nominated for Coors Man in the Can, 2011-12; RAM   Rodeo (Denver, Colo.), 2016; Reno (Nev.) Rodeo, 2016;  SPECIALTY ACTS
           Great Lakes Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2014. RESIDENCE:   Pendleton (Ore.) Roundup, 2016; RAM California Circuit
           Soper, Okla. BORN: Oct. 12, 1978. FAMILY: wife, Carla;   Finals Rodeo (Lancaster), 2016; Grand National Rodeo
           daughter, Addison, son, Cazwell. COLLEGE: Colby   (San Francisco, Calif.), 2016; Cowboy Capital Pro Rodeo
           (Kan.) Community College, Southeastern Oklahoma   (Stephenville, Texas), 2013, Waller County Fair and
           State University (Durant), bachelor’s degree in   Rodeo (Hempstead, Texas), 2013; champion and fan
           agricultural business.  OTHER OCCUPATIONS:   favorite award-winner at Supreme Extreme Mustang
                                    2017 PRCA MEDIA GUIDE                  677
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