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clowning; trick horse, Zero the Wonder Horse; Redneck   Circuit Finals Rodeo barrelman; Canadian TV’s Host
           Squirrel, dog. ACHIEVEMENTS: PRCA Comedy Act   of the Year, 2007. RESIDENCE:  Senlac, Saskatchewan.
           of the Year nominee, 2005, 2008-09; Clown of the   BORN: Jan. 26, 1973. FAMILY: wife, Katrina; son, Jinks.
           Year nominee, 2005-12; Coors Man in the Can, 1995,   COLLEGE: Red Deer (Alberta) College, degree in fine
           2000, runner-up, 1991; seven-time barrelman, Wrangler   arts. OTHER OCCUPATIONS: TV host, professional
           Bullfighter Finals. RESIDENCE: Smithdale, Miss. BORN:   Western artist and cartoonist, rancher. WEBSITE:
           Sept. 12, 1949. FAMILY: wife, Betty Jane; daughter,
           Tressa; son, Kevin. OTHER OCCUPATION: cattleman.
           ADDITIONAL INTEREST: hunting.      Gena Cox
                                              PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2013. RESIDENCE:  Germantown,
           Ronald Burton                      Ohio. BORN: July 9, 1984.
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2015. RESIDENCE: Athens,
           Texas. BORN: Nov. 12, 1971.        The Coppertown Clown
                                              Bert Davis
           Charles Bush                       NFR: opening act, 2000; specialty act 2003, 2006. PRCA
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2013. RESIDENCE:  Larsen, Wis.  MEMBERSHIP: 1974, Gold Card. ACTS AND STUNTS:
           BORN: Nov. 11, 1990.               Davis’ Muttley Crew character dog trick liberty act;
                                              Trash Can Kitty; Balloon Bo Bo; barrel-racing dogs.
           Niki Cammaert-Flundra              ACHIEVEMENTS: PRCA Comedy Act of the Year,
           NFR: opening act 2001; specialty act 2004, 2007-09,   nominee, 2013; RAM Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo,
           2011. PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2000. ACTS AND STUNTS:   2003, 2014; RAM Badlands Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2006;
           trick riding. ANIMALS: Rebel, Palomino; Sonny, Ziada,   RAM California Circuit Finals Rodeo, 1998, 2004; RAM
           black trick riding horses. ACHIEVEMENTS: nominated   Mountain States Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2002; RAM
           for the PRCA Dress Act of the Year Award, 2008-10;   Columbia River Circuit Finals Rodeo, 2001; RAM Prairie
           Canadian Professional Rodeo Association Dress Act of   Circuit Finals Rodeo, 1999; National Western Stock
                                              Show and Rodeo (Denver, Colo.), 2014; Livingston
           the Year, 2010-13; Sundre (Alberta) Pro Rodeo, 2012-  (Mont.) Roundup, 2014; Northwest Montana Fair and
           13; Pincher Creek (Alberta) Pro Rodeo, 2012; Interior   Rodeo (Kalispell), 2004, 2014; Silver State Stampede
           Provincial Exhibition and Stampede (Armstrong,   (Elko, Nev.), 2003, 2014; American Legion Rodeo
           British Columbia), 2012; Calgary (Alberta) Stampede   (Augusta, Mont.), 2012, 2014; Bear Paw Roundup
           specialty act, 1997-2005; Canadian Finals Rodeo, 1995-  (Chinook, Mont.), 2011, 2014; Crowley’s Ridge Saddle
           2008; RodeoHouston, 2003-08; San Antonio, 2002-05.   Club & Lions Club Rodeo (Forrest City, Ark.), 2014;
           RESIDENCE: Pincher Creek, Alberta. BORN: April 20,   Whoop-Up Days Pro Rodeo (Lethbridge, Alberta), 2010-
           1980. FAMILY: husband, PRCA saddle bronc rider Dustin   13; Mother Lode Round-up (Sonora, Calif.), 2006-07,
           Flundra; son, Ridge. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS: training   2009, 2012; Southwestern International PRCA Rodeo
           horses, sports. WEBSITE:  (El Paso, Texas), 2002-03, 2012, 2014; Missoula (Mont.)
                                              Stampede, 2000, 2013; Yellowstone River Roundup
           Cody Cavanaugh                     (Billings, Mont.), 2013; Home of Champions Rodeo
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2012. ACTS AND STUNTS:   (Red Lodge, Mont.), 2000, 2004, 2009, 2013; PRCA
           freestyle motocross; portable ramps with gap of 75   Comedy Act of the Year nominee, 2003-04, 2013;
           feet. ACHIEVEMENTS: Clovis (Calif.) Rodeo, 2015;   Vegas round finalist on “America’s Got Talent,” 2010;
           Strawberry Days Rodeo (Pleasant Grove, Utah), 2015;    featured on National Geographic’s “Dogs with Jobs”
           Headwaters PRCA Rodeo (Park Rapids, Minn.), 2015;   and CMT’s “Most Shocking: Stomped and Gored,”
           Last Chance Stampede (Helena, Mont.), 2015; Dodge   2004; PRCA executive council, contract personnel
           City (Kan.) Roundup Rodeo, 2015; Sioux Empire Fair   chairman, at-large director, 2005-06; youngest
           Rodeo (Sioux Falls, S.D.), 2015; Dacotah Stampede   clown/bullfighter in the RCA (16 years old, 1974).
           Rodeo (Aberdeen, S.D.), 2015; Moses Lake (Wash.)  RESIDENCE: Proberta, Calif. BORN: July 31, 1957.
           Round-up, 2013-15. RESIDENCE: Neenah, Wis. BORN:   FAMILY: wife, Frannie; daughter, Cheyenne; son,
           Feb. 5, 1981. WEBSITE:  Cody. OTHER OCCUPATIONS: animal trainer, truck
                                              driver. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS: traveling, cooking,
           Cowboy Gone Wild                   Facebook. WEBSITE:
           Binion Cervi                       Jason “Whistle Nut” Dent
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2002. ACTS AND STUNTS: trick   PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2016. ANIMALS: three bulls:
           and fancy riding. ANIMALS: Fancy, Charlie, Counter,   Ole (son of Yellowjacket) runs barrel pattern and
           paint horses; Gunner, Palomino. RESIDENCE: Greeley,   does tug-of-war with kids from crowd; Mexican
           Colo. BORN: July 24, 1984. ADDITIONAL INTERESTS:
           fishing, water skiing.             fighting bull, Dum-Dum, does teeter-totter act;
                                              smoke Brahma, Clutch, pulls chariot. ACTS AND
           Brice Chapman                      STUNTS: bungee cord tug-of-war; comedy version
           PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 1993. RESIDENCE: Lubbock,   of “Evolution of Dance.” ACHIEVEMENTS: Juneau
           Texas. BORN: Oct. 14, 1969.        County Fair Pro Rodeo (Mauston, Wis.), 2016; Brown
                                              County Fair PRCA Rodeo (De Pere, Wis.), 2016; Upper
           CrAsh Cooper                       Peninsula Championship Rodeo (Iron River, Mich.),  SPECIALTY ACTS
           NFR: 2011.  PRCA MEMBERSHIP: 2002.   2016; Little Big Horn Stampede Rodeo (Hardin,
           ACHIEVEMENTS: nominated for PRCA Comedy Act of   Mont.), 2016. RESIDENCE: Humeston, Iowa. BORN:
           the Year, 2011-12; Tour Finale barrelman (Omaha), 2005;   July 12, 1979.  FAMILY: wife, Holy; son, Gatlyn.
           Canadian Finals Rodeo barrelman, 2003-10; College   OTHER OCCUPATION: auctioneer. ADDITIONAL
           National Finals Rodeo barrelman; RAM Montana Circuit   INTERESTS: Native American heritage. WEBSITE:
           Finals Rodeo barrelman; two-time RAM Columbia
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